I like to capture the moments as they happen.     I want to photograph the STORY of your day, and provide you with a set of images that takes you right back....

Rookwood House Wedding

I love my job as a wedding photographer so much.   Weddings are such fun days, and I love recording all those moments of your guests just having a complete blast!


My style is to use natural or available light wherever I can.   I do carry flash with me for those really dark tricky situations, but will avoid it as much as I can.   There are nearly always gorgeous little light sources around that I can use! 

Wedding guest Rookwood House


I like to spend some time capturing some photos of just the two of you ...  every venue offers opportunities for this.  You will be surprised where these photos can take place!    I don't like to pose my couples... this is about you and your newly-wed having some time out to yourselves, and me documenting it as we go, often taking a walk somewhere around the venue or nearby.


The little ones!!!     You may already have children of your own who will be a big part of your day, or you may have some attending as guests.    Whichever it may be, I love capturing the moments throughout the day which just show children being themselves.

So much more comfortable down here!

So much more comfortable down here!


The speeches can make people laugh and cry...   I usually struggle not to shed a tear myself!  

Of course... kids will still be kids  : )

I also know how much thought you have put into planning the little details of your wedding, so these won't be forgotten...

Most of all, my aim is to photograph you day without you knowing that I am there...    I can get pretty close at times, but I am still told afterwards that I just blended into the background.    This allows me to capture really special moments that can never be repeated.

If you want a photographer to take lots of formal, staged, or posed photographs for you, I don't think we would be right for each other.    If you want someone who will capture you day as it happens, then get in touch!  I would love to photograph your day for you!