Who i am

I am Emma.  I used to be Emma Owens, but then a lovely man I was pretty fond of picked me and now I am Emma Chandler. We were super blessed in 2018 when baby Chandler came along.

I LOVE to travel and explore.  I love being on, in, or under the sea.   I love to dance and sing (... I can't sing).  I love champagne, rum, and gin.   I LOVE coffee.  I love to craft and make things (I have my own version of Hobbycraft at home). 

But possibly more than all these things...

I.  Love.  Photos.   Always have.  I've documented my whole life in photographs (as well as my family's and friends!) for the last twenty five years... 

I can't explain the pleasure I get from having a camera in my hands and looking for that perfect shot, knowing that I can capture that moment in time to look upon forever.  For me, photography is about telling a story by immersing myself in whatever it is that is happening around me.

After shooting a few weddings for friends, and realising how much I enjoyed photographing families,  I started to realise that it may be possible for me to make a profession out of my passion!

So whatever it is you are doing, let me photograph it for you  : )