Rosier Physio & Movement Studio

Injuries.  Pains.   Niggles.    I've suffered from them for years.    It all started with classic growing pains from sudden growth spurts as a kid - I remember the handmade wobble board my Dad made for me at a time when my ankles used twist so painfully whilst around the playground at primary school.   Dancing from an early age caused a whole host of knee and back problems....  and I did my body no favours by taking up kickboxing at the age of 26.   Having trained my hips to turn out from the age of 3, asking them to do entirely the opposite 23 years later on led to nearly two years of physio.   Throw in a shoulder operation after a car accident, hours of desk work that impacts my back, and various pinched nerves from gym mishaps , it's safe to say I've sought out my fair share of treatments from the professionals!    

And so that, is how I know Tom Rosier, the founder of Rosier Physio & Movement Studio.   Last week he opened up his brand new specialist clinic in Newbury.     Not only does the clinic have well kitted out treatment rooms, but there is also a spacious studio that provides a large warm internal space for larger movement exercises and programs.     Lady Carnarvon of Highclere Castle had kindly agreed to attend in order to cut the ribbon, and It was great to be asked along to capture this special occasion.

Are you suffering from a pain or injury?   Being plagued with modern day "tech-neck" from using your mobile or laptop late into the evening??    I've been seeing Tom for a couple of years now, and I can not recommend him enough.    He will provide you the care and treatment you need, and always with a smile.

Here are a few pics from the grand opening  : )