A Family Day Trip to Legoland

I LOVE theme parks, and as of this summer I still hadn't had the chance to go to Legoland even though it is only down the road from me!     I'm not lying when I say I was probably the most excited person in the park the morning I set foot in Legoland with one of my best friends and her amazing family.    Not only did I get to spend the day going on all the rides I'd never normally have a good excuse to go on without a child in tow, but I also got to document it!   WIN WIN!!

The awesome thing about photographing kids when they are somewhere they love is that there is a constant stream of inquisitive, curiousness, play and laughter to photograph, interspersed with spontaneous hugs!   Okay so I did witness quite a few tantrums going on around us, but hey, what's a family day out without a mini tantrum right?   

Here's some of my favourites!

Going on a day out or an adventure with your family?    Let me be part of your family for the day and photograph it for you!