Craig George Workshop in Swansea

Back in October last year I was very privileged to go on a workshop with Craig George who is a wedding photographer based in Swansea.   It's no secret that there are a LOT of wedding photographers out there now, and I find it pretty hard sometimes not to look at everyone else's work and think that's what I SHOULD be doing.   But here's the thing.   Craig's work IS different to everyone else.   It's stunning.   It's art.    And he is a true inspiration to me.    

In the past I've been guilty of sharing photos that I think everyone else will like...   not the maybe slightly flawed, slightly blurry shots that I fall in love with.    The irony is, that when I've delivered these images to my couples, they are often the shots they love the most.    And it's another kick up the butt to remind myself I need to stay true to myself.   In a room full of natural light, or on a bright sunny day, yes a light, bright airy photo can be beautiful, and I do love some of these shots, but I am always drawn to my black and white images, the under exposed, and the more emotive.     We didn't shoot for long - it wasn't what the workshop was primarily about - so when we did, I shot how *I* wanted to shoot.    Thanks to the gorgeous Beth and Josh giving up their time, I guess it gave me the opportunity to be a little braver.

I can't recommend this workshop enough ... it was more than "just" a workshop - it blew my mind.   Sat under a duvet, on a cosy futon at Cinema & Co, it allowed me the space to think about my photography in a way I didn't expect, and it even allowed me to shed a quiet tear at one point.   Craig gave us a set of tools and ideas to go away and put into practice straight away, and I went away feeling so incredibly excited about the future of my business.

As an added bonus I got to meet a bunch of super talented photographers who also inspire me every day ...   Jonny Barrett, Jay McDonald, Suzi Kerr, Joanna Szymkiewicz, Tara Gillen, and Katy McDonnell.   Go check out their work too.

So here they are.   They're under exposed.   They're dark.   They're grainy.    There's some beautiful Gower ponies thrown in at the end.   And I love them.