Farm wedding pre shoot!

My wedding couples book me because they know I will capture their wedding day in a documentary story telling way.    I will spend my time photographing all the little details and the day as it unfolds, so that they have a set of images that tells the story from the beginning to the end.    This is, apart from the normal small selection of "formal" group photos, and also any time that I can spend just with the bride and groom.   My aim with the couple is to give my couple a beautiful, natural looking set of images, and sometimes, this just needs me to give a little direction, which, if I am honest, is often no more than asking my couple to move into a lovely little spot of light and give each other hug!      

But a lot of my couples still tell me that they are nervous about having their photo taken, and you know what, I get it.   Totally.    And there is one way that you, yes even YOU, can you get over this fear, and that is to have a practice/pre/engagement session - whatever you want to call it!    This doesn't have to be about getting dressed up in your best clothes, having perfect weather, and finding the perfect spot, this is about you getting to see how I work, getting used to me snapping away, and for you to see that you CAN get over those worries!     And this means, that yes sure we can go find a pretty spot somewhere, but I can also meet you somewhere you are at home... whether this is your actual home, your favourite coffee shop, the place you go to walk your dog, or where you work!

So when farmers Vicky and Jack told me they weren't feeling that confident about having their photos taken, I suggested I met them on one of their farms!  I spent a little while photographing them at work, then we did some couple shots!   And you know what, I LOVE these photos.    More importantly, what did Vicky say?  "Awww they are lovely considering the weather we had and our work clothes!"

I love these sessions so much.   And you know what, you don't need to be getting married to have one done - let's do some anyway!  : )

Hope you like the pics : )