The Rangers


I have a confession.   I am a bad cricket wife.   I don't get to as many of Mr C's games as I should or would like to...  this was duly noted last week when I got my own fine for taking four weeks to put in an appearance this season!

I don't have any other club to compare Burbage to, but it was very clear to me the first time I went along that there is something very special about this club.   That's because they are more than just a team... they are best mates and family.    On day one I was welcomed with open arms (and trays of jaeger bombs) by the players, the coaches, and the wives and girlfriends alike.   Somehow, on the first night Mr C introduced me to everyone, I ended up standing on a chair leading a chorus of Bastille's Pompeii...

As an official sponsor for the 1st XI this season, when I realised I could make last Saturday, I thought I'd go cameras in tow to document the day.    And it was a great day.   Burbage had another win, which was duly followed by a few beers...    I think these photos probably give a good idea of how awesome it is to be part of this club.

Long live the Rangers.   You legends.